How do we do it?

By representing the world of work



We represent labor unions

We enjoy a strong regional reputation for representing private and public sector labor unions.

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We represent
employee benefit funds

We represent dozens of Taft-Hartley benefit funds in the New York Metropolitan area.


We represent you
in employment law cases

Focusing on unpaid overtime and minimum wages, tip-pooling violations, and cases concerning harassment and discrimination.

More about our services

Our singular mission to provide outstanding service to our clients.

We’re happy when you’re happy.


Why Work With Us?

Because we’ve got you covered.



We’re experienced

Decades of practicing exclusively labor, employment and employee benefits law.


We’re 24/7

We know your issues don’t pop up on a schedule.


We think outside the box

Innovative thinking to guide labor forward.


We get results

Your matter is as important to us as it is to you.



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Trump is starting to panic as the walls crash in on him. Imperative for Dems to be strong and frame this properly. There is nothing to negotiate. He’s holding country hostage because Mexico won’t pay for his wall. Stop the tantrum, government reopens.

Trump’s week so far: caved on Wall, Foundation shut down, Flynn conspiracy collapses; Moscow Project letter surfaces, stock mkt drops, NK says no Nuke deal, Stone indictment looms ... and to change narrative he bugs out of Syria, betrays Kurds, hands huge win to Russia and Iran.

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